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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey! It's time for an interactive blogging session....
Looking forward to things is a great way to keep your spirits up during all the humdrum daily stuff.
Right now I am looking forward to a few things:
1. I am getting a goat really really soon.
2. Brilyn and Cade are turing 3 and 1 respectively, their b-day party is the 18th at 2:00 if you would like to drop in.
3. My garden is growing and we are putting in more stuff all the time.
4. My 8th anniversary is Tuesday.
5. My internship is done. (I have been looking forward to that for a while.) Now, I get to see what God has for me next.
6. Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones movies are both coming out this month.
7. Making new curtains.
8. Finishing up crocheted blanket that I started in 2004. (Talk about a UFO)
9. Irises coming up.
10. Parents' visiting next weekend.

Okay........Your turn (I told you this would be interative). Tell me what you are looking forward to.


Kara said...

SO what am I am looking forward too...well:

1. Actually digging the garden and getting the veggies in the ground.
2. Putting our new pool up.
3. Watching my flowers bloom and planting new ones.
4. Seeing my best friend in the whole world next weekend;o)
5. and...sitting on the front porch with a drink watching the summer night sky!

Love you girl..hope this was interactive enough for you!

Rebz said...

Joe Says,
1.Jocelyn's internship being done
2. Ummmm. Jocelyn's internship being done.
3. Ummmm. Jocelyn's internship being done.
4. What more do I really need...Jocelyn's internship is done...I have a wife and family again. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Finals being finished.
2. Going to Costa Rica.
3. Summer with my sisters.
4. Prince Caspien.
5. Being able to work in the garden.
6. Sky diving.

Steph said...

Here's my list...

(1) Selling our house (pray with me on this one!)
(2) Finding and buying a new house!
(3) Sniffing my lilacs some more.
(4) Our last MOPS meeting of the year (Kristin McGinnis is speaking, yay!)
(5) Lazy summer days... playground time, relaxing, camping, blowing bubbles, etc.
(6) Scrapbooking next Sunday!

Have a fabulous day & see you tomorrow!

Pamela said...

1. experiencing what being 31 has to offer (this is only first because it's soonest)
2. watching my garden come alive
3. the end of my term on the Habitat for Humanity board of directors
4. seeing what God has planned for my next adventure
5. warm nights to sit outside and talk with the mister
6. and last, but not least, watching my babes play in our lovely back yard

Rebz said...

It's good to see what you are all looking forward to. Life is good!
PS Joe, I am glad that my intership is over too. I can't wait to see you sometime! LOL

Anonymous said...

We have lots we are looking forward to....Lets begin...

1. Meeting Diane's new baby boy!
2. Visiting with my brother and his family in 7 days (May 20 is arrival day)
3. Watching my other brother get married on May 24
4. Warm summer days and nights
5. Last day of school June 23!!!
6. Having fun with friends and family this summer
7. Enjoying the sights and smells of flowers blooming and great stuff growing in our flower gardens and veggie gardens
-----enjoy the birthday party, wow 3 and 1---how time flies---we will be celebrating a birthday on Sat. 5/17--for a much older person, Brian. Have a great week--


Anonymous said...

1. FISHING!!!!
2. Watching my flowers grow
3. Sneaking out the front door and around to side of the house to pick raspberries
4. Kenny performing on his saxophone for the first time tomorrow night
5. Jonathan pitching this summer
6. Anthony's expression as he does drills in T-ball for the first time
7. Nathan going to Kindergarten in the fall
8. Facilitating a Home Builders series with my husband in ABF
9. The MOPS steering team retreat
10. Hopefully NO MORE VOMIT for a VERY long time!!!!:)

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