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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This photo is meant to both entertain and prove to the unconvinced masses that I do, in fact, bathe my children (sometimes).

The topic of the day: Parenting

Fun conversation from yesterday-

Brilyn, "Where's Daddy?"

Mommy, "At work."

Brilyn, "At school?"

Mommy, "Yes."

Brilyn, "With the kids?"

Mommy, "Yes. Do you know where Mommy works?"

Brilyn, "Church."

Mommy, "What does mommy do there?"

Brilyn, "Eats crackers."

What is that? In Brilyn's mind, Daddy works hard teaching kids, and mommy eats crackers!

Top 10 List: "Things to Step In"

I stepped in a cold puddle of pee pee on the bathroom floor. Brilyn sometimes 'misses.' I am not really sure how that works since she sits down for pee pee's. Anyway, the pee pee spawned this list. I made myself feel better by thinking, "It could be worse."

10. Cold pee pee with socks

9. Warm pee pee with socks

8. Cold poop with socks

7. Warm poop with socks

6. Cold puke with socks

5.Warm puke with socks

4. Chicken poop no socks

3. Goose poop no socks

2. Dog poop irregardless of footwear

1. Cat puke

I am not sure this list is complete. Please let me know what needs to be added and where it might come in on the list.


Carol said...

Where can I get a sweet gig like yours? Ha! It is funny the perceptions our kids have of us when they are little.
Your list seems pretty complete to me, and you're coulda been worse. I'll let you know if I think of anything to add.

Kara said...

I do have one more thing to add to your list...slimmy baby puke with no socks (you will fall). Good for you cleaning you babies...even if it is only onces a year;o)

Anonymous said...

At Pearce 4 Kids they were asking the kids what their parents do, because they were making these family display papers for Open House or Graduation or something. They asked one of the Kindergardener's what his Dad did and he said something like "he doesn't work, he just hangs out."

What was his Dad's job?

He was the Youth Pastor at the church. We let his Dad hear about it quite a bit.

Rebz said...

Yeah, no wonder they don't pay me. HAHA

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the things we step into and out of---life being the major one. I love your thoughts here Joce. Enjoy your "jobs" of mothering, cleaning, roostering, crackering, and that list could go on and on as well. Can't wait to read more.

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