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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now that's an egg!
Or, Poor Poor Little Hen.
Today, Joe found what is believed to be the egg of one chicken. However, this cannot be confirmed since no one actually saw her lay it. When interviewed, the hen's lawyer stated that she had no comment. However, our ace reporter was on the job and was able to snap a few pictures back at the ranch.
Witnesses were asked to pick the egg out of a line up normal grade A large eggs.
One young girl was seen trying to save the egg for the Easter Bunny.

The egg finally expressed a desire to settle down with a normal egg, hoping to live out his life in peace.


Carol said...

Best of luck to The Egg!

Kara said...

that is the best egg ever!! I pitty the chicken who "birthed" it!

momrebisz said...

Truly I love the little "chick" holding the egg!

Rebz said...

Joe and I were discussing whether we should incubate it so we could see if it's twins!

Rebz said...

I just talked to my dad, and he said that most people don't incubate double-yolkers because the chicks are usually siamese twins.

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