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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few things you didn’t know:
Two names you go by: Joce, Joci
Two things you are wearing right now: Slippers and a coat- we keep our house at a "healthy temperature."
Two things you would want or have in a relationship: I like honesty and gentleness.
Two of your favorite things to do: Cook and play outside.
Two things you want very badly right now: Hmmm, a nap and a cup of hot cocoa.
Two things you did last night: Played rummy and ate homemade pizza.
Two things you ate yesterday: Ceasar salad and Ramen noodles.
Two things you did today: I ate breakfast out at NCFR (I had a Canadian omelet-so good) and went to the library.
Two longest car rides: Well, in 5th grade my family-my mom, my dad, my 4 year old brother, my 8-months pregnant sister, and me- drove to California in my sister's Pontiac. That was really long. And, hmmm.....when I was little is seemed that riding to Amsterdam (NY) to visit my grandma was really long. But, it's only a half hour ride so maybe that doesn't count.
Two favorite holidays: Easter, and, umm, my Birthday.
Two favorite beverages: Root beer and chocolate milk.
Two things about me: I am a dairy goat judge and I like doing laundry.
Two jobs I have had in my life: Horsemanship director at a girls' camp, and talented and gifted teacher.
Two places I have lived: Let's list these two: Johnstown, NY and LeRoy, NY . See a theme? no wonder they called me Jello girl at summer camp. I can't get enough of that wiggly goodness.
Two of my favorite foods: Ice cream and calzone. Hands down.
Two places I would rather be right now: A pool or a horse barn.

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About Me
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