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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Thanks and Giving


One Thousand Gifts, November 2.

42. Homemade bread
43. Vests
44. Flannel Sheets
45. Adoption
46. Revival (it's a repeat, I know)
47. EVOO
48. Hot tea
49. God's Word
50. Conviction
51. Passion
52. Turkey Dinner
53. Marriage
54. Red Barns
55. Blue Sky
56. Red Apples
57. Orioles (the birds)
58. Black capped chickadee dee dee dee dee
59. Jammied kids
60. Home
61. Crochet
62. Legacies
63. Corn bread
64. Truth


Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday. If you do one thing to about it, read this story:
"Thirty years.  
Thirty years; most of my life, but for me it represents something big.Thirty years is an anniversary for me.  Thirty years ago I was hungry; I was thirsty; I needed clothes.  Missing from my life were the fundamental things children need."

*where's your treasure?*

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