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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Well Done"

Congrats to Jo C. on winning the pay-it-forward fun money. And congrats to TeenMOPS who will be benefitting from this donation. Happy crock pot cooking!

This is my last post in the series 31 Days of Opening My Mouth.
I obviously desire it to be deeply meaningful and inspiring.
It just so happens that I heard an amazing sermon yesterday. The Church at Brook Hills is preaching a great series right now based on the book of 1 Corinthians.

I want you to hear this sermon. It is everything we need to hear to motivate us do what we can. That we will look back at our lives and not proclaim, "Vanity. All is vanity." But that we could look back when we get to the end and say, "I did what I could."

And when we meet Jesus face to face, that he will say, "Well done."

So, I am going to strongly urge you to please listen to or watch this sermon. I can't recap or summarize it in a way that will convey the power of this message. You have to hear it for yourself. Plan a time when you can listen to it- in your car, while you shower...I don't know your schedule, but as Miss Piggy would say, "Kermie?!? MAKE TIME!"
You will be glad you heard it. You will not be like, "Ugh, I should have baked a pie instead. At least then I'd have a pie."

So, to inspire you, I would like to offer a contest. While listening to this sermon, please be on the look-out (hear-out?) for something that made me play a section over and over and laugh harder every time I listened to it. If you can tell me the minutes/seconds reference to this spot in the sermon, I will enter your name in a drawing to win $100.00 of pay-it-forward fun money. Free money to give as you see fit. Keep it in your pocket to help out a lady at the grocery store, buy a bunch of tracts to give out this Christmas, lovely necklaces from Kisses from Katie, a water filter for a family through Gospel for Asia, a scholarship for New Horizons for Children- the possibilities are endless.

Your entry has to be secret though, so your comments won't show up on the blog until after the drawing, which will be November 7, 2013.

Click here to listen.

Click here to watch.

So, that's it. Don't waste your life. Your life is a gift. Your house is a gift. Your clothes are a gift. Your food is a gift. Don't hoard it. Share it. Invest it in others. Invest in God's kingdom.

Make your life count. Follow Jesus, the meaning-maker. Hear the cry of the poor and needy, the orphan and widow, the fatherless. And do what you can.

*where's your treasure?*



Rebz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo Coburn said...

test test....what if I have a guess but can't find the spot on the recording again?????

Jo Coburn said...

35:42 at least that is where my boys would have heard a snippet and laughed!

Rebz said...

Jo Coburn is the first successful entrant in the contest. :) Nice job. :)

Hanna said...

Um woman. I could not find a funny part of that sermon. Except the ho hum part around 24 minutes, that was only slight giggle worthy

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