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Monday, June 10, 2013

The talk...

I gave "The Talk" to Anastasija a few months ago because she is 11. At the end of the conversation she said, "Thanks for telling me this, mommy."

I gave "The Talk" to Brilyn today, because she found a pad and asked what it was. So, I told her how the uterus is like a little baby crib. When you get a crib ready for a baby you put in a mattress and sheets and a blankie. When your uterus gets ready for a baby it adds extra nutrients and blood that are good for growing a little miracle. Finally, I explained that when those extra nutrients and blood have been in there for while and no baby comes to live there, your body gets rid of them and the pad helps so you don't get blood in your underwear.

Up until that point she had been thinking this whole thing was pretty cool. But once we got to the end there, her face kind of wrinkled up, her eyebrows up in her hairline, her finger over her mouth.

"AWKWARD." says she.

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FisherMOM said...

ha ha.. so cute!
It made me smile.
I came here to solve the mystery of how to spell Brilyn's name.

~Susan Brownell

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