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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Faith like a child

God continues to move in the hearts of His people. Including six-year-olds.
I am humbled and inspired by an interaction between Joe and Brilyn last night.

Brilyn goes out to the barn just about every night with Joe to help him with evening chores. She is a great helper. Like I always say, she is my capable child. She fills water buckets, scoops grain, carries hay, milks, etc.

While they milk, Brilyn always requests a story, and Joe obliges. Last night, Joe told her Anastasija's story. (Our kids love stories about themselves and family members. I have told Brilyn the story of her birth about a million times and she loves it. It's not even very exciting. The details don't change, they just like to hear the stories.)

Joe talked about how Anastasija had grown up without a mom or dad, and how she was hosted by our family, and how we would like to adopt her. He ended by saying that it will be very expensive and that we are trusting God to provide all we need.

At this point, Brilyn stops milking, leans around the back of the cow, and says, "Well, I think I know how to help with that." Then she got up and gave Joe and big hug and a smile, then she sat back down to finish milking.

When they got in the house, she found her piggy bank and disappeared up in her room for a while. When she came down, she handed Joe a sock full of money and said, "Here you go. This should help." In it was $24.74, which left her with only $9.63 in her piggy bank. She told Joe she gave her shiniest dollars for Anastasija. These shiny dollars are the golden dollars the tooth fairy gave her.

She has only lost three teeth, and she gave three shiny dollars. She also gave away her $20 bill. When Joe asked her if she was sure wanted to give away her golden dollars AND her $20, she replied, "Why not? I don't need anything, and Anastasija needs A FAMILY. Who cares?" 

Oh gracious Father in heaven,
Please let us become like little children. Let us give away our shiny golden dollars and our Big Money because we see others' needs- and not our own.
Thank you for a daughter from whom I can learn so much, and help me to not distract or dissuade her from trusting and obeying You with her whole heart.


Kara said...

Love it! Child like faith is something we should all strive to have!

Megan said...

Bless her pure and sweet little heart. Already thinking like a sister:)

Rebz said...

Brilyn is a sweet sweet lady to be sure.

Maid4Him said...

Love this story! Love that heart .

threecollie said...

How perfectly beautiful!

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