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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conference call

We participated in a conference call last to find out more about the adoption process for Latvia.

I'll keep you updated on how things move along. Our first step is to contact An Open Door Adoption agency and find out if Anastasija is truly available for international adoption.

Another question we will ask is if/when we can contact Anastasija, and what we can tell her. There are funny little things that can mess things up over there, so we want to be very careful.

Please pray for Anastasija at this time, since she has no idea that we are pursuing adopting her. She is a resilient girl, but I am afraid that she might feel abandoned by us, and that thought hurts my heart.

She told me before she left that Jesus is her friend. I pray that her friendship with Christ will sustain her while she is apart from our family. I also know that God has been taking care of her for years and He continues to care for her. She is out the reach of my arms, but not God's.


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