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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raw milk discussion

Read the article if you want.

Make sure you laugh appropriately at this:

“Geographically speaking, the area where the manure is isn’t that far from the utters where the milk comes from,” Sarah Klein, an attorney for the Washington, D.C.-based food and nutrition think tank

I can't let that one go. Rarely do I find such an amazing example of stupid.
1. Geographically. Perhaps she was using a map.
2. Manure. FYI- wiki says: "Manure is organic matter used as organic fertilizer in agriculture. In the past the term "manure" included inorganic fertilizers, but this usage is now very rare."  Maybe she means they park the spreader near the milk house?
3.  Utters. Holy cow. I am not even sure how to make fun of that. A talking cow joke? A comment about how many 'utters' does she think a cow has? Goodness gracious. People are taking her seriously, QUOTING HER IN A NEWSPAPER.  Utters. LOL.
4. And, I just can't help but bash her for her dangling preposition. Please Ms. Klein, at least have the self respect to spew your drivel using proper English. "...utters where the milk comes from." Heaven help me.

Anyway. The article was okay...that quote was just irresistable to me. LOL.

For a good article on raw milk..go here.

An excerpt:

For the past century, however, we’ve done our best to wall ourselves off from microbes. In 1989, David Strachan put forward the “hygiene hypothesis,” which posed that this separation could be causing the increased incidence of immune disorders. As the years have passed, many studies have helped refine his proposal. Scientists found that hygiene itself wasn’t a problem. People who never used antibacterial soap were just as likely to have asthma as those who scrubbed obsessively. In a 2006 study of thousands of children living on farms in Shropshire, England, Strachan and another scientist, Michael Perkin, found that raw-milk drinkers were unlikely to have eczema or to react to allergens in skin-prick tests. “The protective effect of unpasteurized milk consumption was remarkably robust,” Strachan and Perkin wrote. Then, in May of 2007, a group of scientists published a paper after surveying almost 15,000 children around Europe. They found that children who drank raw milk were less likely to have any among a wide range of allergies. Either there’s something about industrial milk that’s harmful, Perkin wrote in a commentary that accompanied the paper, or there’s something in raw milk that’s beneficial.

Or visit Real Milk for more info.


Pamela said...

and isn't it UDDERS?
utter nonsense.

Rebz said...

yeah, and they only have one. so it would officialy be "udder."

The Mister said...

Gaining your immunity "through the teat" has been working for thousands of years. I for one... like it raw.

P.S. Thanks for the delivery. I finally got it home.

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