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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I found this poem in my 'pile.' You know what I mean.
The Thing that grows and grows and eventually takes over your desk and buries your computer. That's what happened. I closed my lap top and it disappeared under the Pile.
So. I went through the Pile. And I found a poem I wrote, oh, up to a year ago. Yep. That long. I let the Pile grow That Long.
Anyway, the second page is missing, but I don't want to lose the page I have, so I am writing it down here.

In this world
You Will Have Trouble
Grief and pain
sickness and strife
will come your way
Don't let it be
a surprise.
Don't let Satan convince you that God has
forgotten you
Abandoned you
withheld His protection
from your path.
In this world
you will have trouble.
Following Christ
will not lead you
down Easy Street.
Your path is straight
But narrow
Sometimes it will be
hard to find.
Do not despair!
The path is there
beneath your feet
Follow the lead
of that kindly light.
No matter how dim
it may appear through your veil of tears.
Because this path
leads to Hope!
Rejoice in your suffering
it is the Way to hope.
Travel that road
from suffering to perseverance
from perseverence to character
from character to Hope
Hope that does not disappoint.



DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! Well done. I hope you find the second page in the pile.


Hanna said...

Jocelyn, I love you. And also, you recommended a blog to me. I recommend this one to you. It is by my friend Amy. Amy is the one with the beautiful voice who led Amazing Grace at the Ladies Tea. She is a fabulous and Godly woman.

Amy said...


About Me

About Me
I love Jesus, my hubby, my 6 kiddos, my farm, good books and good food.