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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Day: An Overview and an Excerpt

I would like to share my daily schedule for two reasons-
1. I would like to solidify some of the things I have found that work.
2. It might help someone else with their daily routine.

The times are relative- if small people decide to sleep in, I do not wake them. :)
6:30- Get up, get dressed, milk.
7:00-Process milk
7:15 Feed baby
7:30 Feed two kids
8:00 Clean up kitchen, straighten up downstairs
8:30 Make my breakfast, help kids clean up playroom,
9:00 SuperWHY! And I eat and do my devotions, make list of things to do today.
9:30 Kids get dressed, clean up their room, I straighten up the upstairs. Then the kids do morning chores: Brilyn does the breakfast dishes, Cade vaccuums under the table.
10:00 Kids go outside, I feed the baby, and then I do some Big Jobs-like vaccuuming, make cheese and bread, or sort through bags of kids clothes, etc.
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Read aloud and nap for kids, clean-up the downstairs again, do phone calls, emails, eat my lunch, play with baby
1:00 Feed the baby, take a nap
2:00 Choose supper, get it started, finish list, do school with Brilyn
3:00 Cade wakes up, spend time with him.
4:00 Joe comes home, kids go back outside, I feed the baby, and then do a job like sewing or something else that requires quiet
6:00 Supper
6:45 Feed the baby
7:00 Milk
7:30 Kids to bed
8:00 Time with Joe
8:30 Eat ice cream
8:45 Shower
9:00 Feed the baby, Bed

That's the main idea, I will add more as it comes to me.


And, now for some Cade humor.

Narrator: Cade and Brilyn are playing out on the deck. Brilyn comes in to use the bathroom, Cade follows. Mommy notices he is eating something. A huge mouthful of something.

M-"Cade, what are you eating?"
C-"Dis." Holds out handful of grass/weeds.
M-"What is that?"
M-"Why are you eating grass?"
C-"Brannan div it to me"
M-"Brilyn, why is Cade eating grass?"
B-"He's the animals in the zoo and I am the zookeeper."

Mommy pauses here to think the thought- No, I am the zookeeper around here. Goodness gracious.

Continue conversation:
M-"It is not okay to eat plants you pick outside unless mommy says it is okay. Like, you may eat the onion plants because mommy showed you."
M-"Look at me. What are you allowed you eat?"
M-"Hmm (smirk). Well, what shouldn't you eat?"
B-"The picnic benches? HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
M-"Don't eat grass. The end."
The end.


Pamela said...

now i feel like i should make time in my schedule for ice cream. except i have no ice cream. awesome.

Corrie said...

ice cream is the best part of the day...after Daddy gets home of course

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