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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish. How many babies do you wish?

Well, I have finally found a statement that reflects my beliefs on birth control and family planning.
From chemical birth control (with which I do NOT agree) to the QuiverFull train of thought (which I find intriguing, but, not for me) I have been searching for that which I think God is in favor and which is the best for me, my husband, and our family.

When it comes down to it, I think any of the chemical birth controls are a bad choice. From the health concerns and side effects, to the fact that if all else fails they are abortaficients (harden the uterine wall to prevent implantation of the baby) I consider them to be inferior- physically and morally.

But, I also do not feel that it is wise to have a baby a year- which is pretty much what I would get if we ignored the matter all together. I like to have the opportunity to nurse my babies until they are two. (I know you can nurse and be pregnant at the same time, and you can tandem nurse siblings, but that can cause serious health problems for mommy. ie- They suck the life out of you.) So, for me, 2-3 years apart is what I consider natural spacing.

So, now for the official statement.

"A married couple seeking the will of God makes a genuine commitment to always include His will in their marital relations. Natural family planning is God's plan for naturally spacing children that respects a female's natural rhythmic cycle."
~Celebrate Life March April 2010.

"The choice of the natural rhythms involves accepting the cycle of the woman, and thereby accepting dialogue, reciprocal respect, shared responsibility, and self-control (by husband and wife)...In this way sexuality is respected and promoted in its truly and fully human dimension and is never used as an object."
~Pope John Paul II

I am glad to have found it put so concisely and clearly.

For more info on Natural Family Planning, go ahead and google:
BOM, Creighton, Couple to Couple League, and Marquette methods.

And for more info on the Pill:

I believe that family planning is an important issue that requires a lot of thought. There are critical moral, spiritual, and health concerns with the various choices available.
I like natural family planning because it is respectful of the woman, does not involve adding dangerous chemicals to our bodies, and is helpful in naturally spacing children while still embracing a married couples' fertility and God's desire to bless us with children.


PS: This just in- Vitamin D deficiency is linked with infertility.

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Ryan Platte said...

I have it on pretty good authority that breastfeeding can space pregnancies about 2 years apart.

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