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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hi There Folks!
You are now talking to someone who ain't got no homework to do and proper English be damned. And run-on sentences be praised and let's get out the beer and have some chips and dip which is something Brilyn was unfamiliar with but now likes excedingly.
Now there are a few things I will do:
Clean out my bookcase and replace all academic reading with trashy romance novels.
Read as many sappy Christmas romance novels as I can.
Make cookies.
Make supper.
Make more cookies.
Let Brilyn help me make cookies.
And, do this meme from Linda
Ten things from my daily life that begin with the letter P. She gave me my letter and if you want one, just ask me and I'll give you yours.
10 P things:
1. Pee. Cow pee, Brilyn pee, Cade pee. Although Clara's is most worth mentioning since there is a small lake in the barn each morning.
Po diddy. Po diddy got a hair cut. But he still has his ringlets in the back. It's a real mullet. I never would have pegged myself as the mother of a mullet, but his hair is just po diddy.
3. Pizza. We eat it a lot. I make it, I buy it, we eat it all the time. Ralph and Rosies, Picasso's. They are both too delicious to resist. And no one tops Rebisz pizza.
4. Poop. You should have seen that one coming. Somtimes I think I should have majored in poop instead of
5. Psychotherapy. Watch what you say in your comments, I may be analyzing you.
6. Probably not, my brain is constantly being reset by screaming children and requests for drinks.
7. Peanut butter. I hear there are terrible moldies and fungi in there, but I love it and so do my bobbins.
8. Panera. I used to go there EVERY WEEK to hang with Kara. Yeah, I don't get to do that any more for a number of reasons. But it was good while it lasted.
9. Pumpkin, a word I refuse to pronounce phonetically. Punkin is just so much more fun. They doesn't start with P, but for the record, I don't say grandma and grandpa right either. It's gramma and grampa.
10. P-A-R-T-why? Because I gotta!
Name the quote and win something. I'll let you know what it is when I think of something appropriate.
Okay, now don't forget to ask me for your letter so you can have some meme-ing fun too!


Jess G. said...

Ohh! I want a letter! :D

Kara said...

Letter me letter me!!! or as my brother would say, "letter B"

threecollie said...

I love your new life philosophy now that school is done! I could subscribe to it myself...maybe I already do.

Pamela said...

yay for being done.
make me some cookies while yer at it.
you know, if you want to and stuff.

Teacupliz said...

Joce- will you work? you will see at my blog that is my question of the day. Should I work, what can I do. How to find a job.. Or a paying job as I have a lot of "jobs"
Anyhoooo... I want a letter.

and time to read a book. for pleasure.

DayPhoto said...

I love your P's. I love them.... You have a great sense of humor. I found your MEME just great!


Rebz said...

3C, any good recommendations for nice Christmas reading?
Linda, I am glad you enjoyed my P's.

Rebz said...

Jess, Kara, Liz, Check your blogs for a comment from me to see what letter Sesame Street was brought to you by today.

Rebz said...

And Pamela. I will make you cookies. Any kinds you DON'T like?XOXO

Anonymous said...

SO I guess nobody here has seen The Mask? It's Party time!

Rebz said...

Hey Anonymous!
Please let me know who you are because you have just won yourself some delicious cookies.
Speak up.

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