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Monday, December 08, 2008

Winner winner chicken dinner

So, someone just won a lovely prize for knowing from whence the quote, "P-A-R-T-why? Because I GOTTAHHHHHHHH!" came. The Mask! of course. What a great (and by that I mean very very silly movie that I watched overandoverandover when I was younger and can quote pretty much verbatim all the way through and I still can't hear the term lugnuts with out saying It's time for an overhaul!) movie.

And your prize? A TOMMYGUN!
Not really. It's cookies, because tommyguns are illegal to give as gifts. So, Anonymous, please let me know who you are so I can get your cookies to you ASAP. Real homemade special Christmas cookies just for you. Tell Scarlet I DO give a damn, and tell me your name.

Okay, so I was looking for a clip on youtube to show you from The Mask, but I found a clip of Space Ghost instead, so that is what you get. Because it will give you a glimpse into my personality development. I used to watch this an awful lot and I realize the emphasis is on awful now that I am a grown up.

Here ya go:

Now, get outta here kid, you're bothering me.


jes said...

Hmmm ... RAISED ON JIM CAREY? A child- viewing 'the mask' over and over? *gasp* What adult in their right mind- could ever have exercised such poor judgment?

-""No! It wasn't me! It was the One-Armed Man!
All right, I confess! I did it, ya hear? And I'm glad! GLAD, I TELL YA!""-


And to think- we all seem so *cough cough* normal- but then again-

""We all wear masks... metaphorically speaking. ""-

luv u sis!

Pamela said...

dang. i wanted some cookies. but i can't deal with jim carrey. or jenni mccarthy.

Pamela said...

even though i pretty much admire them for speaking out against immunizations.

speaking of which, i hear your kids are going to lick some other kids?

Rebz said...

Jes- LOL.
Pamela- That's an affirmative on the kid licking. Yep.
For the rest of you- I won't be licking anybody in the foreseeable future, but hopefully my kids will lick Hanna's chicks, get the pox, and avoid the hassle of me trying to tell the school district just why, exactly, my child was not vaccinated like the rest of the herd.

Teacupliz said...

You must be about the age of my son. He loved that movie. You must of been one of those Homeschoolers who allow TV. OMG...LOL
Could you tell be with easy steps How I get the lists of blogs I like added to the right of my blog?
THanks for being my blog teacher.

Hanna said...

By Chicken dinner, are you referring to the chicken pox dinner that your children had on Tuesday?
PS-I think you owe me some cookies. Cause I'm the birthday girl AND because I had a high school boyfriend who used to quote The Mask mercilessly... Yes, it was I, the mysterious "anonymous"...

Hanna again said...

and DANG!!!!!! I can't download the video! What is it? What is it!!!!! Ahhhhhhh....

Rebz said...

Hey Hanna! You win!
What kind of cookies you like?

Pamela said...

Raise your hand if you think Hanna should get high speed internet.

*counts hands*

OK, raise your hand if you think Hanna should be a coolpantsy blogger like us?

*counts hands again*

Hanna ~ Dial me up Scotty said...

"Raise your hand if your SURE!"
(I'm raising my hand over here in the land of dial up internet)
Yes I would REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (you get the idea) love high speed internet... but alas, much like Jocelyn won't join the land of cell phones and txt msgs, my husband will not cave in the name of high speed internet. And without highspeed, any blog I write would just not be the same without "Wordless Wednesdays" or senseless videos... a girl can hope, but for now I will just blog stalk all of you and attempt whitty responses to your creative outlets.
PS ~ Girl, You know what I like, those yummies that you made for your candle party.

Rebz said...

AH! Yes, the molasses cookies.

Hanna said...

HEEEEEEEEELLOOOOOO, McFlyyyyyyyyy! What's up with this only posting 1 time in a week thing! WTHeck... Hmmm, perhaps you are pregnant and just too tired...

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