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Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay. So I have a minute or two. Ah! There have been so many little things that have happened since I last posted that I said to myself "I need to blog that" and now I can't for the life of me remember any. Huh. Well, here's a new one:
Last night Joe asked me to cut his hair. This is something that has not been done since October. The first week of October. Because, once hunting season commences, there are no more hair cuts for Joe. Because, number one, he is not in the house long enough to get it cut, and number two, he takes hunting season as a chance to get back to nature in his grooming habits, (ie. he becomes a very manly man), and number three, the beard and mucho hairdo keep him warm. So anyway, last night was the night to remove the 'do. And the beard. Because, our freezer is now full.
Now to the funny bit. This morning Cade woke up at 6:00 and I put him in our bed to keep him warm while I went down to get him a bottle. After I set him down, he started crawling over to snuggle Joe. And then stopped dead halfway there. He looked at Joe, looked at me, pointed to Joe and said "Dat." Which means, loosely interpretted, "What the hell is that?" I said, "Cade, go hug your daddy." He, being Cade, responded by looking up at the walls, the ceiling, the foot of the bed, anywhere but at Joe. Finally Joe just pulled him over for a snuggle and Cade allowed himself to be hugged. But he wouldn't look at Joe for anything.
Skip ahead an hour or so, Cade is still giving Joe the cold shoulder and calling him "baby" (now that's just funny right there, I don't care who you are) when Joe asks him for a hug good-bye. Cade starts to come over to Joe, and then, seeing his naked naked face, turns around and backs in for his hug. Pretty much communicating, "You sound and feel like my dad whom I would hug, but, dude, I just can't look at you." Funny thing, that's how I felt all during hunting season.
So, that's one funny thing. One other funny thing was the episode of me trying to infect my children with the chicken pox virus. I have issues with vaccines, but that is not the point of this post, so I will skip the why and just get to the what. My friend Hanna, who won the cookies for knowing the source of "-A-R-T-why? because I gottaaaaa" was lucky enough to have one of her babies catch the pox from an unidentified source. When I heard this good news, I immediately invited them over for a play date. When they arrived, I stripped the babies down, scratched the poxies, and let natre take its course. (And, beforehand had instructed Brilyn to lick the baby with the pox. She took that to mean licking chicken pops, which is apparently some new frozen treat. When Hanna and babies arrived, I believe Brilyn was rather dissappointed in the actual form of chicken pops.) But, anyway. I also rubbed Hanna's baby all over both of my babies, all the while Joe was shouting, "I think chicken pox is naturally contagious and that is probably unnecessary and possibly illegal."
Anyway, enough about the chicken pops. I'll let you know if my babies get the pops or not. Should arrive on Christmas Eve if the incubation period turns out to be exactly 2 weeks. That will be kinda neat, don't you think?
Today I hope to fold two loads of laundry, cook three pumpkins, make a pie, freeze the rest, and put up my Christmas village, because, somehow, I haven't gotten to that yet.
Oh, one more thing, I am reading a book along with a great group of ladies at church. It is entitled
"Authentic Faith" by Gary Thomas. So far I have read two and a half chapters, and it is already having influence on my daily living. It's cool.
Well, I smell smoke, and Brilyn has asked me about 40 times for some hot chocolate, so I better go attend to my household. And my toast is long gone, as is my coffee, so I really have no excuse to still be seated here.

FYI- I may be posting a bit less often, so please be patient and don't forget about me in my absenses.

Oh, and I will be writing more about our simple Christmas. Let's just say for now, my stress is lower that most other people's, and my bank account is happier.
And, I will post before and after pics of my hubby, so you can see why Cade was so weirded out.

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