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Friday, March 07, 2008

Hello! I need your help...I am in a wedding (Congratulations, Adam and Nicole!) and have a hair do dilemma. Please comment on the two pics I found for formal short hair. here's number 1- Kinda neat...But, my hair is not that I'm not sure it would look quite the same. Although I think it would fit my face better than it does her's. Tell me how you think they did that to her hair though- the picture is not super clear. I think they used little rubber bands, of which I have plenty (thanks, Dr. Deeney).
And....Number 2! Obviously I would skip the grotesque flower. But, my idea is to borrow some curlers so my hair would be mildly curly, and I would use a silver ribbon to go with the shoes I will be wearing.
Here's the dress in case that helps you make your decision.
And, in case any of you can't remember what my hair looks like, here's the pic my hairdresser uses to cut my hair.

And, here's a pic of me with a fresh hair cut. So, you get the idea. Okay friends, give me all your honest thoughts, I don't want to look frumpy.




Melissa said...

I like the second hair style (minus the bizarre flower)... The first style is neat, but it looks too micro-managed to go well with the dress...

Kara said...

i second the second hair style! I think the first one would look great, but you would get frustrated...I have a feeling it is more complicated than it looks! The second would look great with the ribbon! But you are beautiful whatever you do to your hair;o) Let me know if you need some help...maybe i can come down for the morning!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melissa and Kara. That dress is going to look awesome on you!

Anonymous said...

Joce! I'm dying to see a picture. How did it turn out?

Rebz said...

HI All!
The wedding was wonderful and as soon as I have some pics, I will share. Thanks for the great advice, I hear I looked pretty good.

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