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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, this post will be a bit different in style than my usual posts. I just don't have the energy to post new pics of our baby chicks, even though they are very cute. Next week, then. Mostly, I am just under a lot of stress and I don't really feel like reporting on any of our creative endeavors at the moment. Except I will tell you this- We had 9 chicks hatch and I think we are going to build a bigger hen house and possibly start to sell farm fresh eggs out of our front yard. That should be fun.
I just started a good book- It is called Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. It came out on the 100th anniversary of the original Anne of Green Gables. Anne of Green Gables is one of my all time favorite books, and I would recommend the movie as well. Anyway- I will let you know my thoughts on this new book. We'll see if Budge (what kind of a name is that, anyway?) can do Anne Shirley justice.
Hmm, let's see, back to my stressful life. I just have too much going on. The worst part is, I don't believe in busyness. I think everybody ought to take it easy. And that's what I plan to do starting May 15th or so. My semester is just a pain in the booty right now. Let me just give you run through of my week. (Please bear with me, I just need to vent and then I'll drop it.) Monday: Every 2nd and 4th Monday I have MOPS steering team meeting. This is something I WANT to do, but because I have so much else, it seems like an obligation instead of an enjoyable commitment. Tuesday: Drive to Batavia at 8:15, do internship, drive to Brockport, go to class, drive back to Batavia, more internship, drive home at 8:45 p.m. Wednesday: Internship 3:30 to 8:00. Thursday: Class, 5:30-9:30. Friday: Thanks goodness I don't have any obligations here.
All I want to do is stay home! Please let me stay home till I actually want to go somewhere.
And, I really want a dog, but I don't have time right now, and Joe isn't sure that he wants one. So, that feels like more stress even though it shouldn't.
Okay, thanks for listening. It's amazing how a little wine, I mean whine, can make you feel better.
Hmm, now that I feel better, I will tell you something more interesting. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but my mom got me a subscription to Countryside magazine for my birthday. I LOVE it. I have gotten a lot of good ideas and useful information already. Here are my two favorites from this month's edition.
1. How to throughly clean a cast iron pan- Throw it in the fire. Any fire will do. It just burns all the gunk off and then all you have to do is rinse it and re-cure it. SWEET! This method means that now if you see a nasty old cast iron pan at a garage sale that you normally wouldn't bother with because of the amount of elbow grease it would take to get it clean- you can buy it and clean it up like new!
2. How to simplify your life even if you don't want to become Amish- Turn off the lights one night a week. Joe and I are going to implement this neat idea as soon as I am actually home one night a week. The way we are going to do it is when he gets home from work on the chosen evening, we are going to turn off all our electrical appliances and cook, eat, and socialize by daylight and/or candlelight. When we get our woodstove (Thanks Uncle Sam, for the extra cash) we won't even need to use our stove to cook. Should be fun, and a great way to save on utilities!

Well, I have two crying kiddos, better go see what it is they might need from me. Most likely it is just hugs.
Have a great weekend!


Carol said...

Joce~I can absolutely relate to alot of what you're feeling, I hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and just keep looking ahead to when your semester is over. This is a thought I have been having alot lately...tell me if I'm crazy...but our society definitely prizes busyness, moms inparticular seem to "compete" with who is the busiest. I also want simplicity and enjoy being home most of the time and almost feel guilty for feeling like this. That is probably weird, oh well.
Also, tell Joe that Shaun competed in a 3 day ice fishing contest on the Sacandaga this past weekend (even slept in his shanty Friday night!), and won 4th place for a perch...I can't remember the length..14 inches maybe? Take care and have a great week..Carol

Rebz said...

Hey Carol-
I totally agree that our culture tells us that busyness is a measure of success, but I don't buy it. I know about those guilt feelings- it's hard to not be influenced by what the rest of society has to say about what is valuable.
Give my congrats to Shaun about the ice fishing and tell him to post about it on "Hooked-Up"

Anonymous said...

Joce, I once watched a show on PBS about these people that lived with their family in an old house for like a month and did everything the old way. They were so happy to see their appliances when they got home. I can almost see you and Joe going on a show like this and for some crazy reason loving it!!!
Also, just want to encourage you...You are going to blink and May will be come and gone. You're on the home stretch girlfriend!! You can do it!!! I would also definitely advice that you NOT add anything new (i.e. egg selling, more animals, anything regardless of what it is) Repeat after me.... NO! It is okay to say that word:)

Kara said...

SO I told you I would let you know the name of the book that reminds me of Anna Green's Letter Perfect! I really think you will enjoy it! Keep up your simple life. Once May comes you can relax and come SEE ME!! Love you girl..Kara

Kara said...

Well apparently I was a bit sleepy when I wrote my last comment...CORRECTION...Anne of Green Gables! Promise I will proof read next time;o) xoxox

Melissa said...

You wouldn't happen to want my dog, would you? She's a good dog... she needs to be out in the country someplace, and not in the village...

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