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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Since Jocelyn hasn't posted in a LONG time, I thought I would post so she wouldn't lose her three regular readers (haha). Anyway, life is really busy. We can't wait for the semester to end so we can spend time together as a family. Jocelyn is Interning 4 days a week and I have the kids, so it is a bad situation all around (haha). Really though, I am psyched about summer and planting gardens and food plots for deer, and fishing, and pretty much just having nice weather so we can go outside and hang out. Lately we have been boiling sap off constantly. We have boiled off about 30 gallons in the last week (which takes forever on the stove, but boy is it unbelievable). Here is a super secret deal for you loyal readers: If you stop by the house we will let you have a sample of our syrup for FREE. That may not sound great and worthwhile (especially for those of you who live 3-5 hours away) but it would be well worth it, trust me, our syrup is absolutely amazing. Anyway, we have been busy trying to figure out what to plant to make a little money this summer (corn, strawberries, clover, etc). Any ideas let us know. Ok I gotta go, Brilyn just Sat on Cade and he is about to retaliate (and he is almost bigger than her, so he may hurt her). Take care all.


Carol said...

Joe, Thanks for the update..I have been checking to see if Joce has updated..I miss her! I know how it gets when life is so busy..I'm sure you're doing a good job holding down the fort though. I just told Shaun that we should plan a day trip out to sample your maple syrup..we'll see what he thinks..ha ha. Take care~Carol

Rebz said...

It's weird to comment on my own blog---but Joe's right about me being too busy. I can't wait for summer either. I'm gonna lounge by the pool- for about 5 seconds before I need to go chase a kid. HAHAHA

Kara said...

Can I come lay by the pool too...and drink some yummy irish cream?? Love you are doing a great job balancing school, kids, and work! Yours awesome! xoxox~ me

Anonymous said...

Your syrup sounds delicious! Joce, it also sounds like you need a break!! We are also looking forward to warmer weather----inside, snow, cold---I have had enough of it. Paige and I are looking forward to planting our flowers and watching our bulbs come to life again. Hopefully you have a great Easter weekend. Talk later, Heather

Anonymous said...

My brother-in-law built his own maple shack on their property. I just got a jug of his syrup this weekend (and a jar of maple cream too)! We'll have to have pancakes this weekend. Once you've had the real thing, you can never go back:)

Zucchini and summer squash always grow easy.

Rebz said...

Ha Mel! The only draw back with zucchini and summer squash is that I really really strongly dislike both. HAHAHA! Otherwise, that truly would be a great idea!
let me know if you think of anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to think of what I have seen for sale on the side of the road. I know I've seen strawberries, but you have to have the acidity just right in the soil and you have to buy seedlings not seeds, so it's a big investment to get started. I think pumpkins would be a big hit and they are also so easy to grow. They just needs lots of space if you don't mind that. Tomatoes are also tons easy... I think people would definitely go nuts over cherry tomatoes. Oh! How about beans! Their easy to harvest. I'm sad you won't be selling squash and zucs. We love them sauteed in butter, onions and a little garlic powder. mmmm!

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