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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sightseeing in Latgola

Genovefa (Anastasija's foster mom for the last 3 years) took us on an adventure yesterday!
First we went to Plater Castle in Kraslava. We were almost in Russia!
As you can see, it was extremely lovely weather. HA!
In case your eyes aren't all that sharp, that black thing flying behind me is our umbrella. It's 3 in the afternoon, not midnight as it may appear.
The baker and owner

Nice wave

Sintia, Genovefa, Anastasija, Arwyn

A lovely table
So, let me tell you about bread. RYE bread, to be exact.
Don't hand bread out the window, it will steal your strength. Invite the person in to eat the bread.
Don't eat it hot. It must rest.
But, on the other hand, some say hot bread is good for your health.
Don't be picky, take the piece that is looking at you.
Don't put anything on your first piece, let the bread speak for itself.
Eat the whole piece, because if someone comes along after you and eats your bread, they will steal your health.
And then, the meal.
First, cabbage soup. With sour cream. Then, apple and pumkin slaw, stewed rabbit (that she raised {and probably bonked on the head} herself), sliced pork fat with onions, honey pot, fried dough pockets with cheese curd inside and sugar glaze outside, cheese curd, buttery potatoes,  homemade vodka with honey-ade chaser....
Amazing. And then dancing to traditional Latvian folkmusic.
From there, we went to the Aglona Basilica.
The priests said a special mass for Anastasija and her new American family. We received a blessing from her priest, Father Andzejs. He's a 6'5'' Polish guy. I've met one of those before. And, he is the youngest priest in Latvia (24). And, he drove us home to our apartment in Daugavpils, his hometown. We had some great conversations on that car ride.
Overall, an amazing day. Genovefa told us again that she loves us as her own children. And Anastasija is to call her grandma. Anastasija's godmother (Liga) gave us her blessing as well. I was overwhelmed at the feeling of their wholehearted support of Anastasija becoming part of our family. Lots of tears, definitely the feel of the passing of the baton.
God places the lonely in families.


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