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Friday, November 09, 2012

Riga city

Last night in Daugavpils!

Joe finished his 1,000 piece puzzle

I made soup
Angry babushkas out for a walk
Hotel Guttenbergs, Old Riga
Bathroom, complete w/bidet


Random Ceiling Pot

Ana's bed and office area

Door to our room

View upon entering room

Wall art

View from window that open right into street-
I stuck my hand out this window to see if it was raining.
A walk in Riga
I actually took this picture myself. I am proud.
"House of the Blackheads"

Street in Riga

In Latvia, in an Irish Pub. LOL

Church Tower

Little Stone Duckies

Sparkly thing

Stone Dragon
Yeah, I took this pic. I can't help posting it twice. LOL.
Tomorrow, it's back to the theme song, "Up, up and away we go! Into the great beyond. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we're trusting God all along. We will fly, we will soar! Nothing is impossible. We will rise through the storm, trusting God and leaving our fears behind. We will fly!"
Pray for our 20 hours of travel!

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