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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Crochet a hat day

Whilst daddy and Ana play their endless games of Go Fish! I put my hook to work.

Day of rest in Latvia!

We went to St. Peter's church today. Standing room only. Hundreds of babushkas. During the sign of peace, all they gave each other were curt little head nods. No one cracked a smile. LOL. I did! I was all like "Peace be with you! Peace be with YOU! PEACE be with you." Grabbing hands, air kissing, generally making an American nuisance of myself. :)

Anyway, we are well. Anastasija is very happy. Still processing her change in circumstances. For example, all the other kids were on vacation from school this week, but go back to school tomorrow. Ana said, half jokingly, "I go to school tomorrow, too, to see my teacher."

Pray for her heart to say it's goodbyes as we hang out in Daugavpils for 3 more days.

Thanks for your prayers! Joe and I were just talking about how smoothly everything has gone so far. Keep up the good work of praying us through this adventure!



Hanna said...

I love this. I love that you made an American nuisance of yourself. Way to spread some Joy!!

Nicole Platte said...

So, what happens for the time between 3 days from now and the 11th? Back to Riga? Still, love those crazy colors in that apartment!

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