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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Praise God. So many of our concerns are already being resolved.
Genovefa (Anastasija's foster mom) came to visit. She brought her niece, Cynthia, who lives in England most of the year and speaks great English. She also brought Nadia, Armin, and Denis, who are other foster children in her care. And, Cynthia's little son, Picis. (say PETE-sees)
They stayed for a while to visit. Genovefa is a lovely Christian woman and is so blessed that we are going to be Anastsaija's parents. She told me she loves me. My heart is so full from those words.
She asked her priest to do a mass for Anastasija, and invited us to come to church that day. They live about an hour away. Please pray that we find a way to get there.

While she was here, Genovefa said that I could be her daughter. I said that means she would be Anastasija's grandma, and she LOVED that idea.
She told Anastasija that she will be her grandma and I will be her mommy, and Anastasija seems to really like that idea. That way, she has a way to love us both, and a way to stay a part of Genovefa's family while still joining ours as a full-fledged member of the Rebisz kids' club.

And! Genovefa lives on a little farm like ours and brought us fresh raw milk from her cow! And homemade strawberry jam.

We went for a walk into the center of Daugavpils and found LOTS to do. Ice skating, little zoo, some restaurants, play grounds, etc.

Keep praying! The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. So keep it up!

Love you all, pictures soon!

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