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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Special Halloween Picture for Brilyn

Baby Arwyn, folding laundry, getting ready to go on a long trip

Daddy and Arwyn (angry breathing) at Charles DeGaulle, Paris

Arwyn, hanging out in her pack-n-play, Paris

Mommy and Arwyn, still waiting in Paris
Mommy and Arwyn, flight to Riga
 Hotel in Riga, art nouveau
 Hotel in Riga
Hotel in Riga
 Mommy, Arwyn, Anastasija!- first dinner "Tex Mex" LOL
 Daddy, Arwyn, Ana, 1st dinner
Mommy and Anastasija sorting puzzle pieces, first night in apartment
Mommy making Russian Ramen- comes with three flavor packets!
 Anastasija, Daugavpils central park playground

Arwyn the Red Knows Rain, Dear
Daddy and Ana, still working on the puzzle...1,000 pieces

Good shot of apartment kitchen
Also, Arwyn got a tooth. (Random thought for your day, you are welcome. She got it on the road from Riga {REE-gah} to Daugavpils {DOW-go-peels}.)
There you go! Pictures! XO

1 comment:

michele said...

These pictures make my heart smile! So happy for all of you. Love your apartment kitchen. Where's the parrot?!? Lol!

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