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Friday, May 18, 2012

Let them eat cake. Really.

Today I am making poke cake for my kiddo's birthdays. I distinctly remember the last time I made it. It was for their birthdays in 2009.

My mom was very sick, but she came anyway. It was to be her second to last visit here, ever.
My parents had come up early to celebrate the kids' birthdays. They planned to leave before the party because my mom tired out easily at that time.
So, it came about time for them to hit the road and we decided to have a mini-party and have the kids open their presents before my parents left. Well, you can't open birthday presents without singing Happy Birthday, and you can't sing Happy Birthday without cake and ice cream. But, the cake and ice cream was for the PARTY. And you can't serve already-been-cut cake at a birthday party, can you?
Oh yes you can and I'm glad I did. Because we got to share that delicious poke cake with my mom for my kiddos' birthday and that was the last birthday she ever celebrated with us.

So, my reason for sharing this story is that there are times when it's best to forget social rules, throw them completely out the window, even, in deference to real life, real people, and real memories. Because I don't really remember who came to the birthday party that year (please don't be offended if you were there, k?) but I will always think of my mom when I serve poke cake.

Need to know how to make a poke cake?

So, make a cake and eat it with people you love. And that's some of the best advice that has ever come out of my mouth, or fingertips, depending on how you look at it.

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