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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prayer update

Hello friends and family!
We have a prayer request regarding Anastasija's adoption. Our home study is completed, but there has been a question about how to address the fact that we do not vaccinate our children for religious reasons.  More information on the morality of vaccines.
There is some concern that the USCIS or any of the Latvian officials could question this, slowing down our process of adoption. Please pray that God works this situation for the good of our family and for His glory.
Also, Anastasija's birthday is coming up soon, so please pray that we can work out a cool way to celebrate it, even though she is far away. Continue to pray for her as she waits and waits for us to get there and bring her home. She has it the hardest by far, she is completely separated from the rest of us, and she does not have the love of a mother and father watching over her. Pray that God keeps close watch and extends His Fatherly hand of protection over her while she is away from our watchful care.

Thank you for your prayers! It makes all the difference.

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