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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

To Russia, with Love

Our family's welcome letter to Anastasija:

Dear Anastasija,

Hello sweet girl! We are excited that you are coming to our house to help us celebrate Christmas. In our family we have 5 people: Joe (the father); Jocelyn (the mother); Brilyn (a 6 year old girl); Cade (a 4 year old boy); and Jessup (a 2 year old boy). We live in the country, not a city. We have some farm animals: a cow named Clara Belle, a horse named Hannah, a white cat and a calico cat, and lots of chickens. It will be fun to have you meet the animals.

We like to go for walks in the woods to hear the sounds of birds and see God's creation. We think it will be lovely to have you go on walks with us. If there is snow, we like to sled downhill, and build snowmen.

Some of my neighbors put lots of Christmas lights on their houses. We like to take a drive and go look at the lights and drink hot chocolate.

We go to church on Christmas Eve and everyone there gets to hold a candle and sing Christmas songs. It is very beautiful.

We are looking forward to meeting you. The children think it will be nice to have a 10 year old to play with. Brilyn is happy you are girl because all she has is brothers to play with so far. Jocelyn hopes you like cookies because she makes lots at Christmas time.

May God keep you in His arms till you are safely here.

Joe, Jocelyn, Brilyn, Cade, and Jessup Rebisz

Please pray that this letter will bring joy and peace to her heart, and begin to prepare her to join our family for Christmas.


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