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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rambling me

So, my kids are both asleep. I had a chance to check my email and my blog, and I want to write something here...but I also want to go out to my garden and weed a bit. The planted plants and the weeds are all QUITE big enough to pull weeds without hurting the planted plants or my fingers. (Pulling baby weeds hurts my cuticles, call me a wimp, I don't really care.)
So, my onions are really begging to weeded.
We ate our first fruits (vegetables) of our labors for supper yesterday- Lettuce and baby beet greens. What a salad. My mom and dad were visiting (yes, my mom is well enough to travel, the oxygen lets her do more than she was before, and that is a praise report right there. And the swelling in her arm due to a tumor she has went down while she was here, Amen!) and I cooked up one mean meal for them and Joe. It was in honor of Father's Day. Here's the menu:
Green salad from the garden, pickled beets from last year's garden, yummy steaks from a grass fed cow I never met, but have enjoyed eating, creamed potatoes (which I made and were really really good), and scalloped onions (which my mom made and were out of this world). It was fun to do a bit of cooking with my mom (read as: I spied on her and found out how to make scalloped onions) Everything was delicious and I had seconds on everything except the salad, of which I really took two helpings the first time.
No dessert- my mom had requested cookies, so we had already eaten those before supper. Because we eat dessert first if we want to. The cookies were quite yummy, too- oatmeal three ways. Oatmeal with semi-sweet chocolate chunks (Pamela I need more bulk chocolate), oatmeal with walnuts, and oatmeal with big glops of chunky Pamela-made peanut butter (Pamela, I need more peanut butter too. And so does my dad, so my order is for 1 quart creamy, amd 2 quarts crunchy. My dad said, with a look of mild elation, "It comes in quarts?" And that is funny to any LOTR fans who can picture a certain hobbit saying, "It comes in pints?" But that is not about peanut butter, it's about beer.)

Okay, if that isn't enough rambling for you, you'll never get enough, so I might as well go weed my onions. And my peppers, because I am looking forward to kabobs.


threecollie said...

Just weeded mine yesterday. Must be the season. take care!

Pamela said...

got it.

Hanna said...

YAY! I can finally watch the videos that you place on your blog!!
And also! Where are you lady? I dropped of milk jars at your house on Saturday and you are no where in sight! (Ahhh ha, Joey's on summer vaca, wink-wink)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where you get your grass fed cow. I've been looking into it at the farmers market here in Batavia.

Rebz said...

Hey Mel-
The grass fed beef currently in my freezer was a hook-up through Pamela. My next grassfed beef purchase will probably be through a guy I met at the LeRoy farmers market- he's from Gasport. His stock won't be ready to butcher till fall, at which time he will be giving me a call. I would be happy to pass that info on to you at that time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joze-
What Clara up too?

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