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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who loves chocolate syrup? I do! I do!

Yeah. So I've been wanting me some chocolate milk. And I don't have any Hershey's. Why? Because it's got like 5 different forms of corn syrup in it, that's why. But I still want chocolate milk. And by want, I mean, give it to me now or I'm going to d.i.e.
So, I decided to make my own chocolate syrup. Corn syrup free, special dark syrup.
And? It's super easy. If anyone reading this ever buys Hershey's again, well, then I'll have to consider you s.t.u.p.i.d. Because, this recipe? Is easy. And cheap. And doesn't take very long. And doesn't contain the corn syrup. And is the most wonderfully delicious syrup you'll ever eat by the spoonful taste.
In a deep saucepan (it bubbles and grows while cooking) mix together 1 C cocoa powder 1 1/2 C sugar, and 1/4 t salt. Add 3/4 C water and stir that in till smooth. Then, turn your burner on medium and stir like crazy when it starts to boil. Boil for a while, till it seems like it will be thick when it cools down. (yeah, pretty much guess). Add a tablespoon of vanilla when it cools down.
Store it in the fridge, probably for a long time since it is made of things that don't really spoil.

Yummy yummy.


PS Watch this video.


Kara said...

yummy yummy! I will have to check that out as my kids love chocolate milk. I was given some powdered stuff which I think has less yuckies in it, but I am always looking to have even less yuckies! Thanks girl! xoxoxoxo~ME

threecollie said...

I don't suppose you have a recipe for French vanilla coffee creamer?

DayPhoto said...

With a husband, and a grandchild with Celiac's Disease I am always on the look out for new things that are not gluten heavy.

Thanks for this recipe. My family thanks you. YEAH!


marla said...

ha! love the sheep video. j bought a sheep whistle in new if we find some sheep we could do it.

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