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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brilyn and Cade's Birthday Party!

Waiting for Cake
Lighting the candles
Making a wish!
Let them eat cake!
Opening presents!
I will post more pics soon- I have a bunch stored up.


Pamela said...

Happy birthday, babies!
And I love the new header, btw.
Are you able to come to the Natural Mamas tonight? It's a dinner night. I am bringing tomato soup using some of my canned goodness.

Rebz said...


pookyhmn said...

Joce, Love the pics from the birthday party! I also love those curly locks on Cade!!! What adorable children you have!

lissakaye said...

You have beautiful babies. I was so happy that you brought Cade by the Info Desk at church last weekend, to show him off. :)

intensesimplicity said...

Wow! One already!?
SOO are you up for baby number three?
Wantta join the less than two years apart club? Ha ha:)

Carol said...

Hi Joce,

Happy Birthday to the kiddos! I smiled when I saw the new header, so precious. I was so bummed I missed you at the camping trip, Sam said how adorable your kids are and what she had hanging with her cousins. Jess ended up getting sick over that weekend, so I was glad I stayed home with her. I would love to make plans to come see you guys though sometime. Have a great day!~Carol

Rebz said...

Hi Carol!
Good to see you back on here! Let me take a look at the calendar and we will plan something for real.

Rebz said...

Oh, and Melody- I absolutely do NOT NOT NOT want to join that club. Please do not make jokes like that, now I am going to have to go buy a pregnancy test so I don't go crazy thinking about that club. LOL! You think I am joking, hahaha.

Pamela said...

It's such a nice club, the less than two years apart. You already have the diapers. And the baby feeding contraptions.

Rebz said...

And the sleep deprivation- you still have all the sleep deprivation. It is not something that gets easier with practice. I am looking forward to at least two nights of uninterrupted sleep before I have my next baby.

Sophia said...

so cute! Do they share a birthday? who is in the picture at the header of your blog??

Rebz said...

Hey Sophie,
Good to hear from you-
Brilyn's bday is May 19th, Cade's is the 20th. The baby maxing in the pool is Brilyn- year 2005. Makes her seem old, doesn't it?

Pamela said...

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but in the past five days I have stayed up reading the first three Anne books and I think I am becoming an addict. I have never read anything more than Green Gables, and that was a long time ago. I took the last four out of the library yesterday.

And yesterday I learned that Present Tense bookstore is having an Anne Centennial party sometime this summer. It sounds like a real extravaganza.

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