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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on The Paperwork

Okay, so this is a little complicated and Joe has kind of been handling a lot of it, but here's the gist of the situation.

We finished our home study. We now need to get it certified and apostilled. We need to pick up our clearances from the sheriff's office, and then we can mail it to the appropriate places.

We filled out some I 800 blah blah blah form (honestly it sounds more like the name of an interstate highway than an adoption form) for the USCIS. That has been mailed.

Our adoption agency has sent our prelimiary home study forms to Latvia. They are currently being translated into Latvian. As soon as the USCIS clears us to adopt internationally, our agent in Latvia (whose name is Daina, if you want to pray for her) will submit our translated paperwork to the Latvian judge in charge of adoptions in that area. Then, that judge will give us a travel date.

This whole deal could take as little as 5 weeks, or up to four months. Please keep this timing in prayer. Anastasija is waiting for her family to show up and bring her home. I asked her foster mom what Anastasija might want for her birthday. She responded, " for Anastasija the biggest gift from God is you, she is sleeping and dreaming of living near you. Other gifts do not need. She loves you and is waiting!"

Keep praying! Your prayers make such a difference. We can see the hand of God in our lives as we travel this adoption road.

I love how God continues to move in people's hearts to be praying for us. I love it when people approach me and say, "I can't stop praying for you guys. You are always on my heart and mind."
I know that it is God who is impressing on these folks to pray.

Wow. Who are we that God is mindful of us?


Andy and Kristen said...

Phew, that paperwork is nuts, isn't it?! So happy for you guys and forward progress! We'll keep praying for you! (P.S. Some of the little ones I have in the kids room on Sundays continuously bring up your family when asked if they have any prayer requests :) )

farmlife chick said...

Beautiful family! What a brave, strong, and patient girl she is!

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