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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tillaboro Orchard
2nd Annual
Apple Festival

You are cordially invited to attend our
2nd Annual Apple Festival
on Saturday, October 3rd
, 2009 at @ 5:00 p.m.

Things to do:
· Hay rides
· Camping
· Cider Pressing
· Bobbing for apples
· Apple Recipe Judging
· Bonfire
· Pumpkin Painting
· Wiffle Ball
· Yard games of all kinds

What to bring:
· Snack to pass
· Your best apple confection for Apple Recipe Judging
· Tent or camper
· Your favorite yard game
· Warm comfy clothing
· An extra shirt (and a towel?) if you plan to win at bobbing for apples
Apple cider, mulled cider, mulled cider as an adult beverage, wine, hot coffee and cocoa, and AWESOME contest prizes will be provided.
R.S.V.P. right here.


Kara said...

What you meant to say was OCTOBER 3rd! That would be the correct date!

Cannot wait to win the apple recipe contest! BRING IT HANNAH!

xoxox, Me

Pamela said...

Bring it Hanna? No way, man. I'm'agonna whoop ya. Alla y'all.

Because can you say white chocolate cheesecake with carmelized apples and secret sauce? Well, you might be able to say it, but you can't beat it.

Boo-yah, Kara.

Pamela said...

Am I understanding correctly that this is a pajama party/sleepover sort of event?

Anonymous said...

Darn- that is the Mumford goat show and then SUnday my daughters baby shower. Sounds fun-
have a great time.
I want cheesecake!

Kara said...

Hmmmm I guess I should get perfecting my secret *cough* apple pie. Or just get on creating a new one! But I would love to be a judge on this apple panel so I can try some white chocolate cheesecake with carmelized apples!!! I am drooling just thinking about it.

Kara said...

BTW...where is Hannah...

Hannah, you there girl??

Rebz said...

Liz,I'll see you at the goat show, stop over after, I am on your way home.
Kara, you will get to eat some of Pamela's yummy stuff, as will she yours.
But, it's true, the judges get hooked up here.
Pamela, that sounds really good.
Best of luck!
PS The judges will be instructed to rank all the entries in order of how bad they want more of each entry. And then all rankings are added together for each entry and the lowest score wins.

Rebz said...

Thanks Kara, I changed the date on my post.

Rebz said...

OH, and Pamela,
Yes there is comfy tenting space available if anyone feels like braving the cold night/imbibing Tom's beer/not driving.

Hanna said...

Oh, did I miss the trash talking contest? Aww, crap...
Good thing I still plan to win at this Apple Cooking contest, although it looks like I am going to have to up my game since Pamela is a kiss ass, oh I mean, since Pamela is making Cheesecake! (Really Pamela, Cheesecake? I mean is that even FAIR!?)
(*Note to God: Please make Joe and Jocelyn not even like cheesecake...)

Pamela said...

Oh step off, Hanna. I am so not a kiss-ass, what *I* am is a KICK-ASS confection creator.

Heh. Pie. I laugh at pie.

(except for when I'm scarfing it, then I find it's better to not laugh.)

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