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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheeses loves me

Here's a glimpse into the way my mind works.
Joe was reading a bedtime Bible story to our dear sweet babies.
As he read, this is what I heard, "We know God loves us because He gave us cheeses."
I am all about the cheeses. Especially sharp cheddar, that's how we know He loves us a LOT.

And one more mildly entertaining story. Last night was open house at Jackson School where Joe works as a fourth grade teacher on the third floor.
One of the parents came up to Joe and told him this story:
The Boy Scouts meet at the school at night in the art room in the basement. The scout leader was talking about some serious topic and mentioned the "big guy upstairs." One of the second graders thought a moment, raised his hand, and asked, "Do you mean Mr. Rebisz?"

For clarification, Joe is 6'6'', so he really does qualify for the position of big guy upstairs if you are in the art room at Jackson. LOL.

Well, I just entered the Agricultural Fair at the Genesee Country Museum. I will enter my white bread and some strawberry jam. I will let you know how I do. I hope to get first with my bread this year, I took second last year.

My kids really would like to have my attention now, so I should go.

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About Me
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