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Friday, August 14, 2009


Clara delivered her calf last night at right around 10:00.
Joe took about four hundred pictures, hugged me, and said, "We're parents!" And I thought, "Hmmm, was he this excited when I pushed Brilyn and Cade out?"

I'd like to think that he must have been. LOL.

The kids were in bed when the calf was born, so I sent them out to see it right after breakfast this morning.

Brilyn came running back to the house to let me know that, "Cade is in the pasture! Isn't the fence on? He's hugging the baby!"

So, I hurry (not run, exactly) out to see what's going on, and there is Cade all spooned up to the baby, and Clara, calmly chewing her cud next to them. I am sad to say that I forgot my camera, and I did not feel comfortable "hurrying" back to the house to get it while Cade snuggled the newborn next to it's thousand pound mama.
I told my boy, "Cade, it's dangerous to go in the pasture with Clara when mommy is not outside to watch you."
And he told me, "Nuggle baby dangerish?"
I love that boy.

So, here are some pics:

Last night

This morning
Oh, and, apparently, Brilyn got ahold of the camera the other day. Here are the first fruits of her photographic career:


Rebz said...

People used to comment on my blog. Now, they don't really. So, I was wondering if anyone reads it? Or if I am just writing for my own pleasure. Which is fine. My blog is handy for remembering when things happen. I can say- Oh! We got the cow on the first Saturday of November last year. Things like that. But anyway. Comments are nice.

The Mister said...

Hooray for babies!

threecollie said...

Nice baby...and looks like you have a budding photographer there. Her people pictures are better than mine. lol

I love your blog and read it whenever I see that you have updated. The blog update thing in the blog roll doesn't work so well these days though so sometimes I miss a post.
I also use mine as a sort of an event calendar!

manda said...

congrats on your newest arrival!! so cute. i'll have to bring the boys over to see him!

Hanna said...

Just wanted you to know that I finally read some of your posts AND...
You? Make me laugh. You Broody Game Hen, you!
PS-I wonder if Broody Game Hens get sore Monds?

Anonymous said...

I haven't had much activity at my blog either so don't feel bad. I have found I get more responses when I cut and past my blog entries into a note on my facebook. People talk more over there :) CONGRATS on the calf but more so on your baby on the way! I bet your garden is exploding right about now :)

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Anonymous said...


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