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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just in case...

Just in case the baby in my belly is a boy, I am going to need some boys' names.
So I don't end up with a Justin Case, who is a real person in Oppenheim, NY.
Rules: I need boys' names that are cool like Cade, but not trendy like Caden, Braden, or Jaden. Okay?



Julie said...

I have heard some cool ones...
Rhys- pronounced Reese
Zachary- I am partial (-:
Landon- becoming more popular
Levi- my friend used this one

I will try to think of more!

XXOO, Julie

Maria Yoder said...

What about Gage, Cole or Chase?

Kara said...

You know I love Carson, Blake, Chase, and Brice.

Anonymous said...

Are there any family members you would like to honor by using there name or a variation on their name? Kenny is named after his great grandfather Kenneth. Jonathan Ottley is named after his great grandfather John Ottley who gave his life in WW II.

Anonymous said...

How about greyson or grayson...I always liked that one

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