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Friday, March 28, 2014

Good news!

Good news here!

God provides, that's a fact, and here's an example:


Last year, we decided to host Z from China for Christmastime. Then, China closed hosting indefinitely. So, we decided to host Davids from Latvia this summer. We started the application process and paid a lot of the fees, and then we learned that China had opened hosting for this summer and Z was still available! AHH!

So we prayed and God led us to host Zi, and that He has a good (currently unknown to us) plan for Davids' host family this summer.

One of our faith-stretchers in this situation is that we already paid $1250.00 in fees for Davids, and that money stays with the child as a scholarship.

But, good news, someone has offered to do a matching grant to make up that money. So, all donations this week, up to $625.00 will be matched!

Please consider donating this week to help us catch up on our fees for Zi.

And, please pray that the family God has in mind for Davids will open the ears of their heart and take the leap of faith to commit to hosting this awesome guy this summer.


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