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Saturday, February 18, 2012

This is why...

I have asked for prayer that things will move at God's speed, miraculous speed.
Here is a translation from Latvian (via Google Translate, I don't actually speak Latvian) of my and Anastasija's typed conversation this morning:

Anastasija: when you arrive in Latvia
Jocelyn: I hope to come in the summer
Jocelyn: we just got our passports
Anastasija: I look forward to you (handshake)
Jocelyn Rebisz: and we got our fingerprints done, so that Latvia will know we are good people
Jocelyn Rebisz: When we come, we come for 2 weeks
Jocelyn Rebisz: we will come in the summer, we hope
Jocelyn Rebisz: we will bring the new baby with us you will see
Anastasija: I am very sad for you: (
Jocelyn: I'm sorry it takes so long
Jocelyn Rebisz: it makes me sad to wait so long. I want to come get you as soon as possible
Jocelyn: I pray that God will protect your heart from the very sad as you wait for us
Anastasija: I want to cry, (
Jocelyn Rebisz: every evening, when I pray for Brilyn and Cade, and Jessup, I pray for you also
Jocelyn Rebisz: yes, I cry too. it is difficult to wait for you to return to our home
Anastasija: thank you dear mamuliƆ bye
Jocelyn Rebisz: we love you

So, pray.


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