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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Running errands

Thanks for your prayers for things to go speedy-quick!

This morning we were able to do our finger printing for our FBI background checks and get our passport applications submitted successfully.  Both of those processes have a lot of room for error (kind of like going to the DMV- there's always one more thing you need to have brought with you, like, your dog's mother's maiden name and her birth certificate) so to get them both done without any glitches was AWESOME! And, the people who helped us today were friendly. And helpful. And accomodating to our 3 small people.

Please keep praying for Godspeed in our paperwork process. And please be praying specifically that we find an AWESOME home study person.

Thanks folks!


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Andy and Kristen said...

ah, the crazy paper chase. we feel for you! that's so great that this part was so speedy for you! we had a social worker who was AMAZING both with her sense of humor and her faith. definitely a blessing! hoping yours is just as wonderful!

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