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Saturday, November 06, 2010

God Answers Prayer

I have been noticing God's answers to prayer in my life. And, they are kind of fun. So I don't want to forget them.
Here are two from this week.
1. Brilyn has been asking for footsie pajamas since August. She has been praying for them for about a month.
2. Cade's barn boots cracked so far open, the foot part fell off. The left boot was in two pieces. I having been looking and looking at yard sales and VOA since July. I even stopped at a STORE and was prepared to buy NEW ones. They didn't have anything barn-bootish.

So, we waited and waited for these things. Can I afford to buy them? Yes. But I can't afford to buy everything we need brand new. So we wait for things. Sometimes we end up buying them new, and sometimes God sends them to us.

On with the story. We help out at a free meal at a church in Warsaw (NY, not Poland). They have a free clothes room there. Brilyn was psyched about going there to look for footsies. I had it in the back of my mind to check for boots, too.
You guessed it. They had both there. One pair of footsie PJ's, girls, size 6. One pair of rubber boots, kids size 11. And buy one pair, I mean only one pair. There were no other footsie pajamas. There were no other rubber boots. Just the exact sizes we needed.
Brilyn was amazed. I was a litte, too. I know that God will come through. But when He comes through like that? I stand amazed. I think He has a little fun with answers to prayer sometimes.

More to come.



Pamela said...

that god fella is just fantastic

Kara said...


Anonymous said...

Its the little answers that sometimes mean the most :)

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