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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Classroom the Home

Kara's idea, totally.

5 cards to start the day. Brilyn's are decorated with faeries, Cade's with little pets.
Anytime that I would normally spank or timeout is now accompanied with, "Give me a card."

1. They do not like to give up their nice cards.
2. They want to finish the day with cards, because:

5 cards= 2 PBS shows, and a snack.
3-4 cards= 1 PBS show, and a snack.
1-2 cards= 1 PBS show, no snack.
0 cards= PJ's and books in bed at 6:30. Not fun when everyone else is watching TV and eating snacks.

Just wanted to record this for my own future use and just in case it will help with anyone else's family life.

Let me just say, it has cut down on backtalk and has improved speedy obedience.



Kara said...

Glad to be of assistance my friend. Oh and thanks for writing it down. Do you know how many times I have had to think about how many cards equals what??!!

Ps. that would be another awesome idea from my mentor mom, Joanie!

Pamela said...

i like.
i might change my 'like' to 'love' once i've tried this.

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