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Sunday, November 08, 2009

I guess I'm considered famous....

I am so psyched to be in the paper. Giddy even. I think it's really really really fun to be in the paper. Let me be more specific- I really like being in the lifestyles section of the paper, there are other sections that would not be as fun. Pamela is famous too.

So, because I need to, I have been sitting down a lot lately. And, while I sit, I crochet. I have made 4 hats and 2 scarves. Now, I am going to try some stuffed animals. Brilyn loves the things filled with corn that you can put in microwave and snuggle for warmth, do you know what things I mean? Anyway, we have a grey fleecey one that she calls "Kitty." I am going to make her a crochet kitty and fill it with corn.

And then I'm going to make Cade a doggy in a like manner.

And then? Who knows. I may be done sitting by then. Oh wait, I will be doing a lot of sitting as I nurse a newborn. We'll see if I can crochet and feed a baby at the same time. Who knows?


And, while you are reading articles, you may want to check this one out over at Kara's.

And also, check out this link on the swine flu.

Okay, now I'm done, and that's because I have nothing more to say, and also because my applesauce is done taking its hot water bath. Sheesh. I need a hot water bath. Do I really treat my applesauce better than I treat myself? LOL


threecollie said...

That is so cool! Congratulations

Kara said...

AWESOME article. I love all the things you have taught me over the years. THanks for being my BFF!!!

Pamela said...

I like being famous with you. And the way we do it is WAY better than Thelma and Louise.

But I could probably do the Thelma and Louise thing if you needed me to. Just saying.

Rory said...

Heard you were in print so I had to check it out via the net- way too cool! Now I can say I know some one famous. LOL!! Way to go gril.

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