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Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby update

There is no baby yet.
I mean, not one you can see and hold and dress in cute clothes.
So, unless the baby comes tonight or tomorrow (which would really be hilarious because of how much Joe has worried that that might happen) (because Saturday is Opening Day of Shotgun Season, that's why) I think I will pull a
Pamela and have a few shots of the baby-producing Castor Oil on Sunday before church.
Shots before church sounds fun to a 41 week pregnant lady, ok?
Ok. So I plan to miss the dinner afterward. And the dedication of the new blue chairs with padded seats for the fellowship hall. Which, is too bad because I appreciate a good padded folding chair.
But anyway, my doctor has been acting all concerned that I am overdue, or "postdates" as they like to say. (I am not concerned, in case you don't know that about me. I do not allow myself to become concerned until 42 weeks, or the baby gets distressed, or HUGE, not me, the baby- I have obviously come to terms with me being huge.) Anyway.
So I was at my pain-in-the-butt (but necessary, for once, because the baby hadn't moved for like 10 hours, and I was starting to feel the worry) Non-Stress Test and the nurse/midwife let it slip that my dear doctor is going on vacation next week. Ah. "Now I see," said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw. My doctor is concerned because she wants me to have the baby before she arrives in a tropical climate, or goes to see family for Thanksgiving, whichever.
So anyway. I am getting sick of the over-concern about my postdates status and the constant NST's. They scheduled me for another one on Monday, because I would not agree to being given the pitosin on Monday. So they punish me by tying me to a machine for a half an hour. And that is the appropriate time-out for an almost thirty year old. So I know that's what it is- time out.
So, I will give myself the Castor Oil and try to avoid the drug-pushers' dose of pitosin and then the resulting epidural, because I am a wimp and pitosin hurts. I know because my friends told me.
My plan is to not get to the hospital until I am past the point getting the epidural so I will be sure to skip it this time.
Anyway, my mother-in-law is babysitting my kids today, so that's why my post is so long. But, I really need to sleep since I didn't get much last night, because my baby WASN'T kicking me hard and keeping me awake. So I stayed up to worry instead. And pee. I stayed up to pee.

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