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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A - N

Hey! I hit th 12 week mark on Monday. That means I am feeling better. Just hungry. So, I should be able to post....just as soon as I catch up on, oh, about 5 weeks worth of work around here. Indoors and out, my duties are totally in arrears. Even the laundry. Who knew we had that many pairs of underwear? Good thing we do, that's all I'll say about that.
Quick updates and then I gotta go lie down. Lay down? No that's what I have to do with my kids..."Lay down the law." So, when speaking of flopping my tired butt down on the couch, I think I should say "I must lie down."
Asparagus is up! Yum.
Berry bushes are growing.
Cow is mangy, but soon to be treated with Pour-on Ivomec.
Daffodils are on their way out.
Eggplant is on my list of things to grow in my garden.
Frogs are all over the place in the back.
Garden is rototilled.
Hog is ordered, ready for pick-up May 19th.
Igloo-building is out for oh, the next 4 months or so. YAY!
Joe went to the doctor today because he keeps coughing and coughing. Honestly, we (I) just want to get some sleep.
Kara is huge.
Making some dandelion jelly, I'll let you know if it's edible.
Not able to think of anything here...must be time to quit for the day. I'll finish the list soon.



threecollie said...

I am tired just reading about all you are doing...take care....and I am jealous of all your frogs. Not a sign of them here yet.

Kara said...

Let me know how the jelly turns out! xoxoxo ME

DayPhoto said...

I woke up this morning wondering how you were doing, and how you were feeling. Although I check in daily, I really didn't know. Then here is the post! Yeah!

Those first months are so hard, and you hit spring work right along with it! But when the end comes it will all be worth it, of which I know you know.

Nice to hear from you!


Rebz said...

Hey Linda,
Nice to know you think of me even between the far-between posts.
I will let you know as soon as I actually get it done. LOL
The frogs are really worthy of being jealous over. We must live on a frog preserve or something. You can hardly walk around out there.

Rory said...

Nice to hear from you. Can't wait to hear more updates on all the doings at your place, sure you'll have time?!?! As for the frogs... kegs, maybe some frying up, they taste just like chicken! We just had this conversation at our house. Glad things are going well.
love you girl, Rory

Rory said...

bad typing... s/b legs, not kegs

Rebz said...

kegs was funny though, Rory.
PS Joe likes frog's legs. He eats them at the Chinese Buffet in Henrietta- The Grand Super.
LOL. Love that name.

Anonymous said...


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