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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We went on a walk in the woods yesterday, and what did we find? Ramps are up!
So, in the next week or so, my family will be enjoying one of these delicious-sounding recipes from this really helpful site.
I'm thinking the first spaghetti recipe (not the pesto, I don't have pine nuts, nor do I really like them very much) and the grilled ramp soup. (ramps? check. oodles of heavy cream? check. Emeril's Essence (aka Baby BAM!)? check.)
I'll take pictures if/when I make supper from ramps.
I did make a macaroni salad the other night with wild chives instead of onions. It was really good, and the green chopped chives looked really nice.


Pamela said...

you can substitute walnuts for pine nuts. just toast them so they taste better.

also? share your ramps with a poor, rampless liberal from the south of you. liberals are pro-ramp.

Kara said...

I wanted to start a chant...ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp ramp! Okay its out of my system! Sounds yummy and pine nuts rule but I will admit they are rather pricey! love you!

DayPhoto said...

That was interesting, I have never heard of ramps, maybe they don't grow here.

Now Pine Nuts are plentiful.


Carol said...

First, congratulations on your newest little blessing you're expecting! Second, I couldn't find your email address on the blog so I figured I'd ask through comments: are you going on the annual camping trip this month? I know you're not feeling too great and have two little ones, but I was considering going and wondered what your plans were? You can email me at Take care, Carol

Anonymous said...


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