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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Give it away

I read a post by Ann Voskamp today. She wrote with the tone that we, as the North American church, already know we are rich, we already know we should not be letting people starve for lack of food, we already know that we should welcome the orphan and care for the widow.
I have to agree. We know. But what do we do about it?

She also made a comparison of manna in the food was gathered and distributed in community. She talked about how some people cannot gather their own manna and are literally starving, and how some people have gathered more than they need and now have a maggot problem. Maggots of apathy, spiritual depression, unfulfillment, greed, distraction, obesity, etc.

The simple, obvious solution to both problems is for those who have more than they need to share it.

And the good point has been made that we already know this. But almost every one reading this has already started justifying why not; rationalizing your 'frugality', budgeting, couponing, saving, hoarding.

And some of us are feeling it. Wondering how our greed and self-focus have crept back up. We meant to live on less so we could give more. We meant to give sacrificially, but ended up giving from our excess. Our heart's cry is that we would live simply so that others can simply live. But the comforts make us sleepy and we forget to live on less and give more.

The only one who can change our hearts is Christ, so I'll leave it up to Him.

Let's begin right now to listen for God' voice to guide us in giving our first fruits, off the top, in large chunks; and living on the left-overs. He has a plan for our budget, for our Thanksgiving menu, for our Christmas gift giving and receiving. He has a plan for our home, our car, our clothes. Will we hear Him? Will we obey Him? I pray that we do. You pray, too.


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