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Thursday, September 09, 2010

In words...

I have been having a nebulous thought for the last year or so that I have heretofore been unable to put into words.
I read it in a book today.
"...I am convinced that truth is objective and knowable. If something is true for one person, then it is true for all." ~David B. Currie

True truth.

I think our culture has taken tolerance to a silly level. I'm okay, your're okay, we're okay.

Instead of that limp garbage: You must love your neighbor as yourself.
But you don't have to say that "whatever works for them is okay." Sometimes what people are doing is just not okay. If your belief about what is right for you to do is based on the Holy Spirit's revelation to you through Scripture, it is true Truth. And what is right for you is right for everyone.

So. Think about that. What has God revealed to you about how you should live that those around you are totally ignoring? Get off your tolerant horse and get back on the high road. Be bold and tell it like it is. In LOVE.

Made-Up Scenario: Judgment Day
You get to heaven and you see your neighbor looking ashamed about a choice they made on earth. (Such as loving money). It's one that you knew they were making, but you never said anything to them about it. God had revealed His Holy will to you about it but you kept it to yourself in the name of tolerance. They keep looking over at you as the sad results of their choice are played in the sky. (All the poor people who died in misery because your neighbor didn't share.) Can you look them in eye? Or are you ashamed that you didn't have the strength of character to tell them the Truth?

One of the best lies Satan has handed out in recent years is that there is no capital 'T' Truth. But I would like to argue that there is. And if you have it, you really ought to share it.


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