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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To do today

Read the Bible.
Pray to God.
Go to town to the park to play with other MOPS mommies.
Make Cheese.
Crockpot roast
Weed more carrots
Get out 12 months clothes for Jessup.
Finish crochet block for Blankets for Haiti.
Go to Prayer Shawl meeting at church.

Lots of other small tasks that are always on the list, but don't actually make the written list:
Milk the cow, feed the baby, clean up clean up clean up, take a nap, etc.

There's a bit of what I am up to.



Hanna said...

Perhaps next week I do the MOPS playground thingy. Remind me, k?

Pamela said...

we went to market first, and consequently missed you. meh.

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