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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Okay well I thought of a funny thing to say, but it was inappropriate so I didn't write it. Sorry. You'll have to call me and ask, but by then it won't be funny, so I guess, don't bother.
Anyway. So I was just folding some diapers/canning some beets/cooking supper when Cade starts harassing me to change his diaper. So I get down on the floor, take a sopping wet diaper off the poor neglected child, and say "There you go Cade, go be free."
And Brilyn says from the background, "Mom! Cade's not free, he's one!"
So, umm, I am going to talk to her about homophones, which maybe sort of applies in this case.
And here's a good way to eat apples:
Take a package of cream cheese, add some maple syrup, a drop of vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and beat it till smooth. Dip apples in it. YUM!


Kara said...

One hot mama are we! You look darling my friend! I will have to try out the recipe and maybe bring it to our first MOPS (we are doing caramel apples). Give those babies a big kiss for me!!!! I CANNOT WAIT to see you all next week!

Carol said...

Cute story! I missed seeing some of your family when they were on Rebisz road last week, Jess got to give them a tour of The Farm though, she's like "Joey is tall"! I was sick, but I could see your niece and nephews riding bikes by my driveway. Thanks for the apple dip recipe, have a great weekend! Carol

Pamela said...

It's too late to call you, so maybe you could just email me your inappropriate thoughts? That'd be super.
ex to the oh.

Julie said...

Jocelyn, I love your blog, your kids are so cute!
Got any good recipes for the million tomatoes we have?

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